Positioning secondary school education in developing countries

12 Apr

Positioning secondary school education in developing countries

This is an interesting paper on secondary education. It touches upon the history of education and how it has changed or have been adapted. 

Page 17 and on talks about education talks about education in developing countries.


How to write an NGO action plan

10 Apr

This is a guideline from the Montessori Model UN for how to prepare an action plan. It comes with a few examples as well. It breaks it down quite nicely so that a student can be well informed of a certain issue before going through with taking action. Perhaps educators can modify this guideline and emphasize the importance of partnerships so that the young people that want to take action and help with development can start off their proposal with partnerships in mind. We are confident that individuals who develop programs that are to be implemented in developing nations would consider working with local communities FIRST, if they knew how big of a difference it makes in terms of minimizing intrusiveness and maximizing sustainability.

How to write an NGO action plan


TED talk – The way we think about charity is dead wrong

24 Mar

TED talk – The way we think about charity is dead wrong

This TED talk to is worth taking a look at. Dan Pollotta emphasizes the significance of involvement. Sponsors want to show their support beyond financial contributions but active involvement as well. We also believe that involvement is important, as partnerships should be made between organizations and existing local communities as well as their sponsors.