About the Initiative

     Western international development aid and, specifically, educational development programs have been implemented in the global south for more than fifty years. Despite this long history of claimed efforts, the effectiveness of these development programs fall short of providing sustainable solutions. Our project, aimed at organizations that send groups of volunteers abroad, seeks to inform the global north about assumptions and beliefs, visible in the policies and language of many development programs, that create unequal power relations between the ‘donor’ and ‘recipient’ countries. We hope to provide suggestions for an alternative model of educational programs, centered around the importance of creating partnerships and encouraging a dialogue between the global north and south.

Our blog will be set up to present 9 organizations that have partnerships with local communities; this will set an example of what organizations can do to present their projects. It can also serve as a resource of sponsors to seek out organizations that they would like to support. Blogging serves as a community for the organization, the sponsors, and the local groups to stay connected; personal experiences and opinions can be shared to spark discussion between all the parties. This will result in involvement and connection, which may play a role in the effectiveness of organizations developing education programs.


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