‘Learning for All’ – by the World Bank

16 Apr

There are many things in this video that are worth critiquing. Perhaps for many viewers that are not viewing the video in a critical lens, it may be easy to miss. The video in general seems like a good intentioned video that will tug at the heart strings of sponsors. However, let`s break a few things down, shall we?

1. Many students learn very little, this means they will be less healthy, less innovative and have a lower chance of finding a job, make less money and contribute less to the community. Is this TRUE?

  •  what if the community doesn’t require so much emphasis on finances (money).
  • if a community is mainly sustained through agriculture, does learning math increase their contribution to their community?
  • if all the generations of students are taught a westernized curriculum and taught that they should aim to be doctors and engineers…. can their economy sustain that? Does this actually help them achieve more jobs?
  • useful knowledge that can be passed onto the next generation doesn’t have to be learned in school. Can external teachers teach how to harvest local resources the way elders do?

Here are just a few questions to ask yourself when viewing videos like this. The message, I believe, is a good one. We should invest in education. After all…knowledge IS power! However, with this in mind, education cannot be the same for everyone. Partnerships can be a very great tool to accommodate curriculum to the community. What else can partnerships do?


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